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Toxic Mold Solutions for Residential

sample clip regarding mold ingestion tmsconsumer

Did you know the first ones in your home who can get sick from mold exposure are often pets? Former tonight show host Ed McMahon alleged that inhaled mold killed their dog Muffin.

Scientists suggest that this may be simply that pets are literally closer to common indoor sources such as water damaged carpeting, molding building materials, and have an increased inhalation risk.

The recent pet food contamination issue is mold related but appears to be from ingestion of mold tainted pet food.

This fascinating DVD was created to educate average consumers on the impact of excessive or dangerous types of mold in their living spaces, food, and working environments.

If the topic of mold is confusing to you, don't feel alone. Toxic Mold Solutions was designed to replace media hype and misinformation with scientific facts from the nation's top experts.

Mold in indoor spaces is a growing problem in the US and will increase exponentially unless we apply science and prevention to the potentially dangerous problem.

The residential Toxic Mold Solutions DVD educates consumers through instructions and interviews with professionals from Legal, Medical, Remediation, Microbiological, Research, Legislative, and Indoor Air Quality organizations.

This educational documentary provides accurate and useful information to answer all of your mold questions and concerns about detection, removal, and prevention, including a list of professionals to contact.

Toxic Mold Solutions for residential

Biohazard Educational Productions was the company that brought you the #1 best selling and most respected DVD series on mold ever. The program includes historic reenactments of mold's impact on human and animal health. Symptoms, risks, warning signs, and consequences are presented in detail but with an engaging and accessible format. Watch the 1-hour special, or go into greater detail with the hours of extra material included on one disc.

Toxic Mold Solutions has been accepted as standard knowledge by thousands in the scientific community. Now consumers and residential customers can gain a general understanding of mold in their living and work space. This DVD is a one-stop expert resource on a single disc.

Part # TMS-C-1 $29.00 (on sale today)


• 44-minute television special
• 77 minutes of additional video segments for consumers
• Audio segments
• Slides
• The nation's top experts
• The most highly-respected video resource on the topic


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