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Real Estate Professionals who need help in mold disclosures, this DVD is specifically designed for you!

This DVD contains the basic information every real estate client needs to know as part of mold disclosure during a purchase. Although no guarantee is made that you will avoid liability, you can have your clients sign a release when you give them a copy of this invaluable DVD resource, which could limit your liability in the event of a mold claim.

• What is mold and how does it grow in a house or condominium?
• How can mold be prevented?
• What are common signs of a mold problem?
• How do you locate a qualified mold professional?
• What are the steps involved in mold remediation?
• Responding to water leaks and home maintenance.


Companion DVD available for real estate professionals

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Toxic Mold Solutions for Home Buyers

Biohazard Educational Productions was the company that brought you Toxic Mold Solutions in 2003. Now, their widely acclaimed and highly respected DVD on the subject has been expanded and customized for home buyers.

Every new home buyer needs this information to protect their investment and make good purchasing decisions. This volume is designed for real estate professionals to distribute to their clients as part of mold disclosure. The DVD comes with a release form proving the real estate client received the DVD and may limit your liability in some cases if a mold claim arises.

This product is not only an incredibly affordable way to potentially limit your liability during a real estate transaction, its also a well appreciated gift that will educate and entertain your client about avoiding and preventing one of the serious problems a new homeowner can face.

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• 44-minute television special -- remixed and enhanced
• Library of video segments for home and condominium owners
• The nation's top experts
• The most highly-respected video resource on the topic



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