Toxic Mold Solutions for Schools


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Toxic Mold Solutions for Schools

Biohazard Educational Productions was the company that brought you Toxic Mold Solutions in 2003. Now, their widely acclaimed and highly respected DVD on the subject has been expanded and customized for schools.

Using patent-pending technology, these new programs allow customization based on your viewing audience. Also, public performance rights allow you to create educational media solutions to your school's indoor air quality concerns as they may arise.

No administrator, teacher, maintenance department, or parent can be without this vital information on how to deal with mold concerns for schools. From the health side to the building and safety side, to the side of protecting your school from expensive unnecessary litigation, this DVD is packed with information.

Part # TMS-S-1 $99.00


• 44-minute television special
• 77 minutes of additional video segments for consumers
• Audio segments
• Slides
• The nation's top experts
• The most highly-respected video resource on the topic


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