Toxic Mold Solutions for Construction Professionals


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New Releases for Construction Professionals

Construction is where it all begins, and potentially ends if a massive mold claim hits your company.


Our new DVD for Construction Professionals is designed for individualized instruction, or company-wide or job-site presentations. Designed for the new home builder on the site or for remodeling companies in a company presentation, this DVD has everything your staff needs to know to understand the basics of mold.

• What is mold and how does it contaminate a house or building?
• What are the most common sources of mold in a building?
• How important is flashing?
• How can you take mold precautions during construction?
• What are the steps involved in mold remediation?
• The reasons mold has become a problem in the building industry.
• Application of building materials and mold

Toxic Mold Solutions for Construction Professionals

If your construction staff doesn't understand mold, you are in danger. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to get insurance coverage against mold problems, so prevention is the cure.

This important DVD is designed specifically for construction professionals who want their company staff to be educated about the risks of mold, as well as the solutions. The importance of various job functions on the construction site are emphasized as the DVD presents an overview about all aspects of mold in construction.

Using patent pending technology, this disc can be customized based on your audience, your concerns, and your situation. Complete with limited public performance rights, you can begin your mold training by popping in this disc.

Part # TMS-X-1 $129.00


• 44-minute television special -- remixed and enhanced
• Expansive library of video segments for construction professionals
• Extended library of audio segments from top experts
• Slides
• Patent-pending technology to customize the viewing experience
• The nation's top experts
• The most highly-respected video resource on the topic
• Public performance rights*

* non-broadcast training of construction staff and subcontractors only.



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