Toxic Mold Solutions for Real Estate Professionals


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Real Estate Professionals are on the front lines of the mold problem and without education on the topic, risk very high liability.

This customizable DVD is designed to train an individual realtor or an entire staff about the basics of mold so they are better educated to spot potential mold problems before they become big problems.

• What is mold and how does it contaminate a house or building?
• What are the dangers mold can posed to building occupants?
• What damage can mold do to a structure?
• How do you locate a qualified mold professional?
• What are the steps involved in mold remediation?
• How can you identify potential mold problems up front?
• Common "masking techniques" to look out for


Companion DVD available is available for home buyers. Give every client a copy of this affordable DVD to potentially limit your mold disclosure liability! Comes with standard release form for your clients to sign upon acceptance of the DVD!

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Toxic Mold Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Biohazard Educational Productions was the company that brought you Toxic Mold Solutions in 2003. Now, their widely acclaimed and highly respected DVD on the subject has been expanded and customized for schools.

Using patent-pending technology, these new programs allow customization based on your viewing audience. Also, limited public performance rights allow you to teach your staff without any additional fees.

No real estate professional can be without this vital information on how to deal with mold concerns for schools. From the health side to the building and safety side, to the side of protecting your school from expensive unnecessary litigation, this DVD is packed with information.

Part # TMS-R-1 $39.00


• 44-minute television special -- remixed and enhanced
• Expansive library of video segments for real estate professionals
• Extended library of audio segments from top experts
• Slides
• Patent-pending technology to customize the viewing experience
• The nation's top experts
• The most highly-respected video resource on the topic
• Public performance rights*

* non-broadcast, staff or real estate office training audiences only.



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