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New Technology customallows custom DVD viewing





How often have you tried to show a DVD for training or education and felt like you were giving an old fashioned slide show?

Now that our DVDs contain patent pending CustomPlay® technology, you can customize your viewing experience to be exactly what you need.

You can even show a quiz following selected programs and be sure your clients or staff have gained the knowledge essential to their job function. The viewer then watches a customized program covering the areas they need supported. This technology is also available for licensing.

• Customized programs based on viewing audience, topic, and time limitations
• Create custom training sessions
• Customized testing with highlights and re-testing available (on selected titles)
• The most efficient video training tool available.
• Works on every DVD player... guaranteed.

CustomPlay® Technology

This new technology turns your DVD player into a complete interactive media station.

Our DVDs are the equivalent of hundreds of discs in one because they can be customized to your specific needs. Answer questions like: "How long do you want the presentation" and "Who is your audience" and "What subjects need to be covered?" and sit back to watch a customized presentation for your needs.

Just as exciting are the testing features on selected titles. Viewers can answer questions and then watch their results played back in the form of a new customized film.

If your company is interested in including this exciting feature on your DVD, please contact True-Film, the exclusive developer and provider of this revolutionary patent pending technology.


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